Orthodontist London – Incognito Braces Review


In the last two Orthodontic London posts we looked at the Invsalign brand of aligner and the Damon System braces. Today we will cover Incognito Self-Ligating braces for reportedly quicker results.

When considering braces that are comfortable, sleek and personalized to lessen treatment time, Incognito braces have grown to be the go-to product for many an orthodontist in London.

Now that 3M Unitek, the company that manufactures Incognito, has created a self-ligating choice, these types of appliances can help to eliminate remedy period even further while rendering optimum outcomes.

London Orthodontists believe that Incognito braces hit the industry many years ago under the brand name iBraces. Incognito braces are the only braces available on the market that are entirely customized to fit the curves of each individual patient’s teeth. Because they are lingual braces, meaning they fit onto the back of the teeth, no one will notice you are undergoing orthodontic treatments.

Add in the self-ligating quality, and Incognito braces straightforwardly could be switched from passive to active mode. They could be passive for aligning and leveling the teeth, or active for finishing.

Orthodontists say that research has shown that self-ligating brackets decrease frictional forces, reduce the time a patient is in orthodontic treatment and offer easier, faster archwire transformations.

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