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The Damon System

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In our last post we examined Invisalign aligners, today Orthodontist London gives you the low-down on The Damon System.

Over the years there have been many developments in the way orthodontic treatment is presented but none as profound as the Damon Self-legating System. This uses a force method that’s ‘biologically sensible’ and only applies just enough force to stimulate cellular activity without crushing the blood vessels around the roots. The upper jaw is permitted to expand normally almost always reducing the need for extractions.

The Damon system is the incorporation of passive self-legating brackets along with new high technological mid-foot (arch ) wires chosen to help keep the forces light throughout treatment. By not over powering the biomechanical system the body’s very own physiology enables the arch to grow naturally without the use of mechanical expanders. The result is much more patient specific and ideal for each individual.

It’s also possible to start treatment much earlier when the first permanent molars and incisor teeth have grown in. This may be as early as 7 years of age. In fact it is the very best time to check out if the child is likely to need braces because it’s possible to influence and guide the progress of that individual to the best possible result.

The most important change in orthodontic ideology is always to appear more at the face and not simply straight teeth. Beautiful faces have ideal facial proportion. Craniofacial orthopedics looks at facial disharmonies and irregularities and it is important to consider the body pattern and how the teeth have been influenced by the rest of the body.

By knowing body mechanics and integrating these with those of the head and bone the teeth sit in it is possible to create a lasting change. This could mean curing back pain and offsetting headache treatments in the long run. The way in which the teeth connect with (the bite) locks the body right into a dysfunction pattern. The body could be aligned at the same time as the teeth so that the new bite will certainly lock the body into a constant pattern. For example when the lower jaw is detruded the very first cervical vertebrae in the neck moves forward making a forward head posture. This particularly along with other bite issues must be remedied to let the method function properly or else the airway is restricted and could result in sleep problems.

Most significantly of all this system may make the most of facial appearance, health and wellness, mental and physiological, fertility and total well being.

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