Average Cost of Braces

What Options are there for Braces

Braces or brace-like devices are required for orthodontist treatments of crooked teeth and bad-bites to rebuild self-confidence and to prevent teeth, bone and joint damages. You may need to know about the procedure of having braces before understanding the cost, and braces may vary depending upon a specific patient and their teeth.

Firstly, a consultation will undergo to have a discussion about the patients history, to conduct an examination of teeth and mouth, and to undergo X-rays. After the consultation, our orthodontist will be able to set up procedures and schedules, and the cost will be estimated.

After the consultation, molds and impressions could be made, and computer programs with laser scanning may be used to assist treatment selections and three dimensional digital models. After the braces are applied, the time schedules will vary from six months to two or three years. When the braces are completed, retainers may be required to be worn for a couple of months or years depending on the condition of the teeth and the age of the patients. invisalign

The list that follows are average costs, and costs of braces are based on braces types and specific procedures. You may make your choices based on your financial situations with or without dental insurances. Adult braces will cost more than braces for kids since the treatments are longer and more complex. Please refer to our web page of Dental Insurances that Cover Braces for more information.

Basic Cost: $3,000 ~ $3,500

Basic cost of braces is the average cost of braces installation alone, excluding dental cost, surgery and other adjustment costs. For those who have only a few teeth realigned, the cost could be lower; and for those with complex teeth alignment, the cost could be the same or higher.

Cost of Conventional Braces: $5,000

Traditional braces are among the lowest in cost at present, and they work well. But many people are not satisfied with the train track looking on their teeth, and they choose to pay a little bit more for a natural tooth-color looking braces, like the ceramic braces.

Cost of Ceramic Braces: $5,500

Ceramic braces look clear or the same color as teeth, and they work the same as traditional braces. But they cost a bit more, and are not so durable. Some people may still think that these braces look like metallic lines on their front teeth, and look for invisible braces as a replacement.

Cost of Invisalign: $4,000 ~ $6,000

Invisalign is a transparent plastic brace tray that replaces conventional braces, it works without any wire or bracket, and it is comfortable, affordable, and invisible for others.

Cost of Lingual Braces: $6,000 ~ $8,000

Lingual braces are considered to be invisible because they are attached to the tongue side of teeth, but it may bother your teeth and take a while to get used to. They are ideal for those who do not want anyone to notice their braces.

For more information about average cost of braces, contact our office today.

Average Cost of Braces

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